High-End Johnston sweepers

Our ever expanding fleet is quality not just quantity.

All our Sweepers are fitted with a wide range of safety equipment and we have achieved SafeContractor accreditation.

We are also registered with PICs Auditing which allows us to work for major Companies such as Tarmac Trading and Brett Aggregates. Our operators are trained to the highest standards and hold all appropriate occupational cards, e.g., CSCS, CPC, Motorway Passes and Area 4 cards. Area 4 cards enable us to carry out Emergency Call Outs and Scheduled Maintenance Work for the Highways Authorities (Balfour Beatty Mott McDonald JV).

Our fleet of Johnston VT651s is top of the range. They are fitted with high pressure jet wash spray bars; hand lances and gully sucking equipment as well as normal day-to-day sweeping brushes.


Custom fitted safety features

Our ever expanding fleet is about quality not just quantity.

With specialist equipment proven to save lives and ensure safety we are able to operate in restricted zones, city centres and places with high footfall or congestion.

The sweepers are fitted with:-

- Cyclear by I.S.S. – cycle warning systems

- 360degree recording cameras

- 6metre reversing radar

- Nationwide satellite tracking system

- The most recent innovative “white noise” reverse alarms

- We concentrate on health and safety aspects as well as our environment

We are continually updating our fleet so that we can offer new vehicles to our customers. Properly maintained we can expect optimum use from them.

Lean Mean Deep Clean Machine 

We've got some serious kit!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill 20% off B&Q deal pressure washer. Our specialised, high-pressure washer system is purpose built for professional service. 

It's interchangeable, adaptive heads allow it to work on a variety of surfaces while it's cleaning solutions are second to none at removing the toughest of stains. We could teach BP a thing or two about cleaning up oil spills.